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  • At this moment we have run out-of-stock for this version due to good demand from the global market. The GOOD NEWS is we are working on version 2.0 which is more powerful, colorful and with additional rich features, Inshallah. If you order now we will queue up your orders as per below chart and ship as soon as we are ready:



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  • eAhlulbayt has a technology which can help your way to paradise. #SmartAzanClock.

    • Model: SLAC08D110
    • Clock Size: 265x225x40mm
    • Total Box weight: 1.55 kg
    • LCD requires power input
    • This is Shia Azan Clock based on Shia Itna Ashari Jaafari Sect
    • Our product has no equivalent. Compare Smart Azan Clock with any other clock in the world. Click here
    • - Shia Smart Azan Clock is designed with smart features to help you make worship your top priority and to bring you and your family, closer to Almighty on a daily basis, in-turn bringing peace of mind to your daily routine. Try to believe it, worth your hereafter
    • - We are in an "EXPERIENCE FIRST FEATURES NEXT" world. You look for experience, new features can come with every software release
    • We are building up our strong support system to serve you better: Connect to eAhlulbayt support
    • - Should you experience any significant issues, please contact

Collections: Technology

Type: Premium Product

A breakthrough design and quality

The perfect family companion in a household that upholds the prayer, sometimes all you need to change your life in a big way is a little spiritual nudge.

Intuitive and Delightful Features

The first thing that will strike you about our smart clock is how easy it is to use.

Smart Azan Clock Infographic Explaining features and controls

Smart Azan Clock Infographic Explaining features and controls
Smart Azan Clock Infographic Explaining features and controls

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