About Us

Our Mission:

eAhlulbayt started life with a small team in 2015. Our dream is to join hands with the global family of ahlulbayt lovers and progress rapidly towards our mission of:

Growing into a global business that utilizes cutting edge technology to deliver products which assist muslims in their efforts to achieve piety.



The story of eAhlulbayt began in early 2015 with 3 year old Zahra’s insistence on playing dua Faraj on her basic azan-only clock. Read more at: our story. In short, the tech savvy father’s passion for Islam and technology went to work.

Many months of hard work and late nights later, with the help of Allah swt, eAhlulbayt - the smart azan clock was eventually a reality. Come 3Q 2016, not only was little Zahra seen joyously holding her wish in her hand but many packages were seen on the conveyer belt, smartly dressed, making their way from the country of birth to 19 countries worldwide. Alhamdulillah.

We are in constant touch with our pioneer and potential customers through email, facebook etc, providing prompt support where needed, rejoicing on receiving the many excellent reviews (with 5 star ratings from almost all reviewers) and finding tears of joy and gratitude in our eyes when the pioneer users report the benefits being derived from their friendly clock. Salaat is the pillar of Islam, no less. A device that helps in improving its regularity, timeliness and attaching the highest priority to it is, you will agree, a most worthwhile product to start a venture.

Besides selling, we are also in the business of winning hearts and enriching each other in pursuit of piety and ascension to Allah swt. Some examples can be found in our posts on facebook and website e.g. 5 Pearls for Peace and Tranquility.


Going Forward:

The success so far and your encouragement has evolved into a burning desire to expand and add other hi-tech spiritual devices. The market has a plethora of smart devices to offer for worldly activities. When it comes to the body that will last 90 years or so at the most, one is spoilt for choice. But there is little on offer in terms of smart gadgets that help in enriching the soul and earning eternal rewards.

Possibilities are endless. Our resources are limited but our trust in Allah swt is unlimited. With your co-operation and creative ideas, we hope to grow together and succeed in the Mission for our mutual benefit, inshaAllah.

Let us beat the devil at his own game of distracting us with devilishly smart devices. May our homes be full of sublime sounds and spiritually smart products... products that are like friends who win the love of the entire family, who invite us every day to what is best for our eternal life, who help us in purifying our hearts, and who contribute to our efforts to make our homes fit to receive our Imam ajfs, inshAllah.

Syed & the eAhlulbayt Team