• Idea for a SMART AZAN CLOCK born

    There is a beautiful narrative, how a 3-Year-Old's wish turned into eAhlulbayt. Read our story

  • Research and Market Analysis

    We couldn't find any smart product that could befit our requirement. Our market research allowed us to evaluate the viability of our potential market and analyze competition before making any long-term decisions.

  • Identify Manufacturing Unit

    Engaged and interviewed different manufacturer, and we shortlisted an innovative and efficient manufacturer that could come up with something which we wished - A smart product. We started working closely since then.

  • First prototype on papers

    Took a leap forward in our planning for a revolutionary product.

  • High level Requirements finalized

    We met the manufacturer overseas and got our high level requirements finalized.

  • eAhlulbay Sample

    First of many samples arrived, the perfect design and color was selected.

  • Basic Praying Habit Survey

    We received overwhelming responses from 18 countries, with some interesting stats that helped us modify and design your smart clock well. Not surprisingly, 81.63% responded to have a smart product which can help families get closer to Almighty, on a daily basis.


  • Social Presense

    We started with our social presence on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube and Instagram

  • Connecting with global partners

    We started presenting our project to various individuals, organizations starting in Singapore, India and The UK.
    Ahlulbayt TV, Duas.org and Taha Funder are few to name, whos initial support boosted eAhlulbayt to take to the next level and think bigger. We are slowly making healthy relationships with more on a daily basis.

  • Brainstorming & First preview with Volunteers

    When two people brainstorm we don't end up with 2 ideas, rather we end up with 4. We had a very interesting feedback and idea session with like minded creative volunteers.


  • Website Live

    All reward levels finalized. Product Launch will begin and we will start accepting pre-orders online.

  • Taha Funder Campaign 

    We have early bird offers for pre-order, check out our FAQ page for more.

  • Optimization, Production-ready, Certification

    Optimization of parts for mass production, Production-ready design of PCB, Start of Certification process.

  • End of Pre-Order Campaign

    We will accumulate all the orders, review any feedback and suggestions to implement. Plan the Production and Shipping.

  • Main Production Starts

    Production of Smart Azan Clock will start, depending on number of orders received and any anticipated demand.

  • Smart Product reaches Smart People

    Shipping of rewards to first backers, enjoy your un-boxing experience and do share your excitement with all. (This schedule is subject to change if there are unanticipated delays - However we're confident we'll ship by Dec 2016, Inshallah)

  • We need your support

    We have just hit the highway, still a long journey left until we achieve our dream, with your support together we can make a difference.

This schedule is subject to change if there are unanticipated delays - However we're confident we'll ship by Dec 2016, Inshallah.