The whole story begins with you

Our work is in the global market, our sleeves are rolled up, and now we’re excited to move forward together. Together we can make a Difference.


Point one - Shop


Light a candle: You buy our SMART CLOCK.



Your candle lights another. For every 14 eAhlulbayt products purchased anywhere in the world, a family in a developing community will receive one classic azan clock. Every time this clock fills the air with sublime sounds of Quran, azan and supplications somewhere in the world, you and your family will inshAllah be among the ones receiving heavenly rewards. 


Darkness to Light in more ways than one. The train does not stop there. We have arranged for our non-profit partners to train brothers and sisters in developing communities to offer technology education and infrastructure at school and institutes at affordable prices or for free. Cash donations do not end the vicious cycle of debt and poverty. Teaching them to fish is, therefore, the path we have chosen. (Why IT? because eAhlulbayt lean towards Technology)

Go forth

Candles everywhere, spreading enlightenment and hope. The ripple effect continues. The train rolls on The trained momineen will in return hopefully train others in these less fortunate communities so that everyone can look forward to productive and meaningful lives built on the foundation of piety”

Dear momineen, these are the hopes and dreams of a small family venturing out to combine the earning of livelihood with a higher purpose. The dream of helping the less fortunate get on board the train and you can see why we need your prayers and patronage. Let us join forces in this noble venture to beat the odds. Together we can make a difference.