Building and Designing

Ever since the beginning, eAhlulbayt has been about our passion for influencing technology to daily life. Coming from strong creative and design background we quickly discovered that there was a lot more to running a brand but it’s still the creation process that fuels me to keep going. eAhlulbayt will always remain a technology-driven brand where design and quality come first.

Each part is designed in-house with our manufacturer from initial sketch to prototype testing.

eAhlulbayt work in progress
PCB Altium Designer  

PCB design with Altium Designer and carved carefully with Cam 350

3D Panel Design for the Smart Azan Clock

3D Panel for Smart Clock
We use a custom circuit board design

We have used the best quality raw materials and finished goods. 

Our designing unit are always delivering best

eAhlulbayt Office Designer
Front Facing Clock Main Photo for web

Off they go, 
with pinewood frame finishing!